Next Level Artist

Next Level Artist…

I can admit I’ve been super low key just getting myself prepared for this next stage of life. I kind of fell back from all my exec music industry peoples cause they got they own stuff to figure out on how to keep moving through the trenches.

I need new management, for this previous reason.  When this Vogue opportunity came up, I had no one who I could have a real conversation with.

But thankful I can always get through because I keep good advisors around. But that’s a topic for a different day.

So I was kicking it with my creative industry friends. We were sitting in the studio kicking it waiting for Kurupt to come do a session but he couldn’t make it.

The producer wanted to make the best of his time and wanted to do a song so he was like let’s do a record. I’m like cool, I’m down. I liked what his vision for the project was so I was with it. 

And it was perfect cause I always vibed with them and I never do music with people I don’t vibe with. But usually, when I do these things there’s a pressure to overperform and because as a female rapper I have always felt I have something extra to prove.

But it wasn’t like that at all for me, something was different. I think I finally really understood that my gifts are supernatural and I’m always going to be able to perform. People try & inject so much pressure like you better come with it.

That’s almost telling a dog when you open your mouth you better bark. What I do should just be expected at this point. Out of the new level of relaxation, another dope record was the product of it. 


Expect the UN-expected…

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