Nicki Vs. Cardi b

Nicki Vs. Cardi b…


Yea this post today is not going to be about these 2 ladies music cause it doesn’t matter. Music is subjective.
I know it’s got to be super annoying for them to do interviews right now. Why do people keep asking them about each other? They shouldn’t have beef.
People don’t ask mumble rappers about other successful mubble rappers. They need to together to change the narrative and came up with strict sincere answers and not deviated from the script.
Anyone who is interviewing them right now, the questions the interview ask them is just predictable trash.
Me personally as a female rapper I hate questions like “What do you think about the state of female hip-hop”  Cardi b’s Bodak Yellow record shows you that if you make great records questions like that are irrelevant.
More and more I’m starting to realize that ego and desiring others to think you’re great is detrimental. What’s the point of having a number 1 record and what’s the point of calling you the best if you don’t have any peace?
How do you enjoy being great if you have no peace? And don’t mistake showing off a Lambo or taking pictures of being on the beach as having peace.
I know it’s not cause I used to do it too probably just to get other to remind me how grateful I should be.
But what you can see in the picture is the frustration and chaos who was also on the beach with me.
I realized once you make it to a certain status is music anything upward from that point just messes up your personal life and well being.
And we have plenty of examples to choose from artists who’s gotten into drugs from artist’s who just can’t seem to get their relationships right.
Every day I’m just getting more and more ready! Preparing myself to glide through this industry differently. Cause I really see what’s going on.
Hitting you guys with a new remix next week! Make sure u don’t miss it!


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