No Limit

No Limit

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This picture of me & Mystikal is such an important picture to me. It was just so inspiring, unexpected and empowering to me to have ran into the man who’s being had such a great influence in my life. It was def a full circle moment. My past self would be very proud of me.

What made you start rapping? Most usually say when they heard a Big verse or a Pac song but that’s not my story. When I was kid that Silkk The Shocker & MystikalIt aint my fault” was a big record. It would stay one repeat on the BET channel. I was in elementary school when this record first came out and during gym time or recess we used to all chant the popular song.  So I remembered the next time I caught this video on tv I was going tape it with my VHS and kept rewinding it to learn Mystikal’s part. The passion and quickness of the way he rapped his rhymes attracted me. Plus we all thought No Limit was cool, I used to want to get the No Limit tank chain and everything.  Till this date I still think it is one of the best rap group chains. I might even mess around & get one when I’m rich because it means something to me.

But anywho I learned the lyrics to Mystikals part of the song so I knew when we would chant our songs this time I was going to be ready with something extra. So we go to the gym and began chanting the hooks of the songs like we usually did but when it was time for the verse I snapped off on Mystikal’s part to the point were everyone started to circle around me to hear me rap that verse. After I was done they wanted me to do it again. At the point I knew rapping was my calling. Every since I just been on what seems like a never ending journey to get where I belong. #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys


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