One Music Fest


King T & Rochelle “Hot 16”

One Music Fest

One Music Fest had a line up you wouldn’t want to have missed. Nas, Kendrick Lamar and Jhene Aiko hit the stage for a riveting performance. One Music Fest is definitely something I’m looking forward to performing at in the future. I’ve came quite a ways to get to the point I am now, to the point where I had to create new short term goals while working toward my long term ones. Right now I def would like to do a record with Jhene Aiko. Not sure what my near futures holds. The only thing I’m sure of is where I’m ending up! During this musical journey I’ve learned that it’s not about what I think I want because honestly I’ve received a lot of what I wanted but it wasn’t the best situation for me. You live and you learn. Now I’m more concerned with what’s best.


Check out photos &  footage below of the One Music Fest


photo 3 (4)

Isaiah Rashad Preforming










photo 2 (2)

Backstage w/ V103’s Greg Street & Jhene Aiko










I had hopped on one of Jhene Aiko’s joints, 90% of people who heard this downloaded.

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