#OnTheRoadToEightGrammys PhotoShoot Edition

#OnTheRoadToEightGrammys Photo Shoot Edition

First and foremost I just want to S/o my amazing team who worked with me on my Photo Shoot! They did such a great job from head to toe!  Shone hairstylist, Nicole make up artist, Charles creative director and stylist and celebrity photographer Donna Permell captured the proliferated essence of my natural beauty.


See for me it all started with a love, an authentic passion for music. It was like friend, that I related to and connected with. The strings felt my sadness, the drums complemented my passion, and melodies were the purest love my heart came to know. Music, the shield that protected me.  Many times it was there for me, drowning out the verbal badgering in my life.


Music spoke, I listened and I finally became comfortable enough to share myself with it. I began to join the conversation with my “hot 16″s and witty punch lines. My writing made music come alive.  We completed each other. Perfection would be an accurate description of our friendship.

We grew deeper together as I began to come to music with my problems, my feelings, my wisdom and my perspective.

As we matured, I knew what we had together was more than the wittiness of my rhymes. Anyone who shared a single moment with us were moved, encouraged and restored by what we had done.




I wasn’t a gold digger or someone who longed for fame. What me and music had was real. Real love for the art. We never cared what anyone else was doing as long as our relationship had purpose. I sacrificed a normal life to be with music, dealt with people I wouldn’t deal with, and lived in places most people wouldn’t.

I’ve learned the importance of forgiving people and  myself for the wrong I’ve done as strive to be a better person.  I’m living pieces of my fantasies and walk a path where I can only prosper. This road to 8 Grammys can be tough and sometimes my mind may get cloudy trying to determined the “right” way to go but even if the path to your home gets foggy doesn’t mean you don’t know were you live.  I know where I am supposed to be and what I’m supposed to have.



Every morning I get up and wait for my moment as if I were waiting for the bus. I don’t know when my bus is coming but I’ll be ready when it does. Until then I’m grinding with my best foot forward, giving people glimpses of my how my fantasy is  blossoming into my reality little by little.

Now I would like to thank those who have been down. Those that have been taking time out listening and investing their 4 quarters into my music. I just wanted to share these photos with you and invite you to continue to watch my journey on Instagram. I am able to do great things because of you!


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