Opportunity for the Grammys

The Grammys

February 10th 2013 was the day I knew 100% for sure that I was destined for the Grammys. It was my first time staying in LA and the people I was working with at the time where gearing up to go to the Grammy Awards. I was just honestly living in their moment as a simple servant. Looking at the outfits thinking how expensive everything was. I didn’t really know how everything was going to go at the time but after they was done with me that evening I went to hit the streets of LA. My DTP fam was in town so I went over to the studio Ludacris had a session at. It was a good time. They were so proud of the moves I had made in the industry. I was proud too, I had completed all my short-term goals which felt really good.

Anyway we were all sitting at the table and Jeff starts talking about yea I got these tickets to the Grammys that he wasn’t going to use. Then I got excited and said me! Me! I wanna go! He said alright and called Aiyisha, but I don’t think she picked up the phone so I didn’t think anything of it.


Ticket to the Grammys

Jeff and I

CEO of DTP Jeff Dixon & Rochelle “Hot 16”


The next day I called the people I was in LA with to see if they didn’t need anything but they were good to go, so I said cool. I started making plans to hit the streets and go back to the studio that day. When I got to my hotel  I turned on the TV to watch the red carpet for the awards show. But I was confused, that even though the Grammys were “live” they didn’t come on at the same time as they were shooting it. So I when back to the studio were DTP was at and Jeff comes out and said where you been, I had got these tickets for you. I was like really?!?!?!? He was like yea and went into the studio and brought back out a beige envelope and handed it to me. I opened the envelope and there they were two shinny 11th row tickets to The Grammys!!! 😀

I was like there’s two in here! Jeff was like we wasn’t going to have you go by yourself.

Man I was sooooo happy and overwhelmed at the same time. I thought to myself who am I, not having done anything real yet to be able to go to the Grammys? But who am I not to! Getting these tickets just solidified for me who I was and where I was going. At that very moment it became REAL to me. And I began my official journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

Later on I found out the these Grammy tickets weren’t spare tickets but I actually had Ludacris’s tickets. When I found that out the next time I seen Luda I had him sign my ticket 🙂 Having the opportunity to go to the Grammys so soon was one of the greatest and inspiring things that happened to me till this very day. Major S/o to Jeff for making this happen and being one of the those real men who do what they say they are going to do!


photo 1(1)

Ludacris & Rochelle “Hot 16”











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