People who obtain success quicker than others

People who obtain success quicker than others

“There will always be people who obtain success quicker than others do in the music industry, but those who take their time to learn the game and perfect their craft end up having the most staying power.” – Shanti DasThe Hip-Hop Professional 2.0

I used to look at people who obtained success faster than me like how did that happen for them, I’m wayyy better than they are. I used to think that a lot when I was 12 every time I would see lil bow wow. I don’t think that anymore now that I’m older. Other people’s success just motivated me. I learned that God’s timing for is perfect for you. Who knows where I would be today if I came out as a child artist like lil bow wow.

Over there years I have done just what Shanti Das suggested in her book. I took time to learn the game by reading articles and taking advice from postings written by Wendy Day whom is the woman who did Cash Money’s business plan, I read books on the music industry by Donald Passman one of America’s top entertainment attorney and also read Billboard Biz to keep informed of how things move in the music industry. People don’t really know how business savvy or educated I really am. I always like to keep that low key just to see how people will “try” to take advantage of me. It helps me separate the real from the fake.

But now I finally have free time, since I’m done with school and in a pretty solid situation, I finally have time to really go in and prefect my music craft. So currently I’ve been studying myself. I’ve been figuring out what avenues I could elevate, and understanding who I am as an artist and what I need to achieve in the musical realm. I want to make music that has staying power. I want my records to still be played and considered great 20 years from now.


There’s a lot of great things that Shanti speaks on in her book. I high recommend purchasing this book  The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0  My past blog and future blogs will contest that this is a inspiring read.