Project Thank Yous

A lot of people were involved in making this project happen. I’m so honored to say that these people have been a part of the creation of this journey. #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

Enough Cover itunes


Thank you

  • Charles Mccree ( Stylist, Director and Marketer of project)
  • Donna Permell (Photographer of Project Cover)
  • Prentis Brown (Graphic Designer)
  • Nicole (Make up Artist)
  • Shone (Hair Stylist)
  • Cam Benson (Website Designer)
  • Ian Burke for Icon Studios ATL (Where majority of project was recorded)
  • Jesse Black for or Fakulty Studios IN ( Other studio were the rest of project was recorded.)
  • KurtCurt, JK, Edward Sanders and J Sky ( Mixing songs on project)
  • Ward Kuykendall, Lil G Tunner, Jesse Black, Finger Roll, Earegula, J Sky, DMR (Producers on the project)
  • JK & Josh Mack ( Arranging )
  • Flo (Interlude mixer/Arranger)
  • Dave Tolliver, Jacob Denzel & Tex Message (Featured Artists)
  • Dre, Whitney, & Janell (Interlude V.O.)
  • Dvante Black (Mastering)
  • Hip-hop Mastering

Special Thank You

I think the people who have always shared or supported my music consistently are just as much as a part of the project as those that created it.

  • Lady J
  • Tanya Hines
  • Renee Gardener
  • Fort Knox
  • KaMeshia McGee
  • Jay Burke
  • Beonda Brown
  • Andrew Martin
  • Rico aka Two Face
  • Josephine Razo
  • Brandon Comer
  • Rodriguez Ruthless
  • Jamilah Cooper
  • Rod Thomas
  • James Hopkins
  • Xiomara Vega
  • Susan Gabrielle
  • Caral Saunders
  • Nukki Andrews
  • Al Koleon
  • DJ k Ceaser
  • Izza Kizza
  • Daniel Smalls
  • C Roc
  • LaStarr
  • Renee Cooper
  • Josiah
  • M – Eighty
  • Samatha Rodney
  • B
  • Montez Huff
  • Canibus
  • Jay Addison
  • Carol O
  • Finger Roll
  • Randall Laster
  • Rese Hawkins
  • Montae Dixon
  • Doc
  • Jonathon Made
  • Tawni S Fears
  • Jason Mark
  • Jason Smith
  • Charles Johnson
  • LaShonda Galvin
  • Larry Mitchell
  • Kershee Hurt
  • Andrew Suggs
  • Courtney McLeod
  • Nadine Graham
  • Eric Harmon
  • Free
  • Mehka
  • Rachel Millz
  • Rod Adkinson
  • Andre Scott
  • Perry Jimenez
  • Ebony Chappel
  • Portia Kirkland
  • Jeff Taner
  • Marvin Balwin
  • Kelby Cannick
  • J Rizzle
  • Markesha Turner
  • Christopher McBride
  • Josh Mack
  • Danyella Davis
  • Dillion Carpenter
  • Ms Streetz
  • Dj Ang Diamonds
  • Maya Williams
  • Mims
  • Gerel
  • Daniel Harper
  • Matt McLochlin

And the list goes on….. Click here to see more thank yous:

Any support given is very much appreciative and that doesn’t necessarily mean monitory, but even a Facebook shout out, a Tweet or just Passing the info onto others to extend the opportunity to let the world be introduced to Rochelle “Hot 16” LINK HERE:


Let me know what you think when you get a chance.



3 thoughts on “Project Thank Yous

  1. The secret to success is “consistency” and you’ve been consistent since I met you at that G Unit Mixtape event in Atlanta.

    I look forward to seeing you collect those 8 Grammy’s so I can say “I know her!”

    Congrats. Don’t Stop. NoMatterWhat!

  2. The album is dope. Your the next female artist to watch!

    ByTheWay, I only paid $10.00 for the album but any good music is priceless.

    A monthly subscription would be more like it.

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