RaurFest 2015

Raurfest 2015


First Major S/o and congrats to Raury for making the XXL freshman cover and being active in the community putting on this peace fest, that included hosting a clothing drive to benefit Atlanta’s Homeless. I like Raury, he’s a nice guy. The biggest thing he’s done to me so far is having a record on that Hunger Game’s soundtrack that Lorde put together.

I think this really going to be a good year for Raury. I can’t help but to think about when me and his manager was in the car headed to Grammys one year and we both realized that we didn’t really want to go until we had a reason to be there. He didn’t want to go unless he’s artist was being nominated and I didn’t really want to because at the time I wasn’t being nominated. If things keep going like they are I’m sure Sean will find himself at the Grammys next year. Below is some brief footage I took for Raurfest 2015. It was really dope show might I add. Even Outkast’s Andre 3000 came out for the festivities!

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