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Reaction Housing System

Obsessing & refining. It’s the most OCD quality that every great creator has. I do this with every single record I make and with the path I’m creating to break into the music industry. I can’t explain my chronic obsession to figure out how to make things work. It’s almost like a disease and I’m sure people probably think I’m crazy because to me nothing else really matters. This is a common trait that myself and most entrepreneurs which is probably why I like hanging around them, also probably why I got friends in Silicon Valley that are doing there thing, but I digress. I recently met the founder of Reaction, Michael McDaniel not to long ago. What he created were efficient shelters that could be used in response to disasters which is desperately needed and a super dope idea. As a entertainer, I look at it as little pods people can stay in during big festivals like Tomorrow World or an awesome place I can create new music in. I think these houses are great. Before this all came to past Michael would obsessively take action in making this real. He spoke about pitching the reaction house and being rejected over 300 times but he never gave up! Sometimes life really is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. Watch this short video below and see the EXO reaction house for yourself.


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