Revolt House


IMG_4537Revolt House

I performed earlier during Immersive week at SXSW. Someone from Revolt witnessed me in action, enjoyed my music and performance so much they wanted to add my music and invited me to attend Revolts events they were having during music week.

I ended up attending their event and it was dope. Before I began walking upstairs I noticed that Hannah Rad one of the DJs and personalities from Revolt was DJing. Let me tell you, I never seen another DJ more passionate about a set than she was. I mean she was into it. I was standing there like dang she loves what she does and to see that type of genuine love is really rare.

I recalled an interview of Diddy I recently watched were the correspondent asked “What do you look for when you hire people on to your businesses”. And Diddy responded “I’m looking for a certain level of passion that’s unique.” Yea he definitely got one with Hannah and you got to know that it was truly an experience if made me recall to a interview like that.
















I think this is really the beginning of my relationship with Revolt. I’m truly glad that they are a part of this journey#OnTheRoadRoadToEightGrammys

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