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Rochelle “Hot 16” & Ish

River Studios

My new single Silicon Valley is coming out next week but before it does I wanted to actually to introduce to you guys some of my people’s that actually inspired this record.

As an artist I’m often attracted to people like me who create, have an exceptional work ethic and has fearlessly sacrificed to get where they are.

Rothenberg Ventures & River studios are fairly young companies that are making huge moves. VR (Virtual Reality) is something I really can’t tell you about. It’s something that you just have to go and experience. I’ve been exposing my producers, engineers, management team and studio friends to the River Studios app I have on my phone where ever I go. The apps content ranges from race car driving, light shows and even red carpet events. I encourage you to experience entertainment in a whole new fashion. After you watch the video below purchase your viewer and download the app from here.  http://river-co.myshopify.com/



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