Rochelle “Hot 16” & Mike Rothenberg

Rochelle “Hot 16” & Mike Rothenberg



Rochelle “Hot 16” & Mike Rothenberg

Man we had a rough start during our first night at SXSW. I went down there with some of my peoples from Atlanta. It was all our first time going to the festival so we didn’t really know what to expect. While heading to our first event the next day we ran across someone from Rothenberg Ventures whom invited us in to try out this new virtual reality technology. The technology was amazing. We were inside games like Halo, NBA 2k and even in arenas watching shows like Cirque du Soleil. It was easily a billion dollar idea. 

The idea was probably the most exciting things I experienced in a long time but I was more impressed by the people who worked there. Everybody I met was so genuinely cool. I had great conversations with a lot of dope people there. I could remember thinking like wow there corporate culture must be great over there. I remember my friend I was with wanted these sunglasses they were selling at the event but I don’t think he had any cash on him or something. One of the guys working at Rothenberg Ventures, pulled out some money and got it for him. They were really nice. The vibe was awesome! Everyone seemed happy to be there and they all appeared to equally share the work load. Tommy who happened to be the “Chief Connector” facilitated my preview of the technology, ended up connecting me with the founder Mike. (ie why Tommy is the Chief Connecter)

Mike was super cool too. We chopped it up a bit and shared a few stories about our journeys. It was so refreshing to talk to someone young who could related to having a vision and pursing it.

Check out some of the cool stuff Rothenberg Ventures already have done below.


Rothenberg Ventures 2014 Year in Review from Adam Osfield Snell on Vimeo.


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