Rochelle “Hot 16” & Polow Da Don

Rochelle “Hot 16” & Polow Da Don


This picture with me and producer Polow Da Don reminds me of how far I’ve come. I remember being in Indiana wanting work with Polow soo bad…Back in those I was relentless and even more hungry because I was so far away from the entertainment industry. I used to beg some of the producers who worked up under him to give me his number, eventually I some how got his assistants email and tried to beg for a meeting. At the time my main goal was to get “signed”. Since then, I have learned to fish for myself which allows me to be more self sufficient and gives me the opportunity to focus on more synergizing relationships with people. But man just looking at this picture reminds me of how far you can go. Nothing is off limits! Up to this point I’ve done everything I wanted to do short term wise and the only thing left to do is to continue living out my definite purposes as rapper and this year will be exceeding, abundantly more than I can ask or imagine.

Big S/o to everybody who’s been following my journey, I sincerely appreciate each and every bit of your support!

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