Rosario Dawson Speaks at SXSW

Rosario Dawson Speaks at SXSW

My very last day at SXSW I got the chance to see Rosario Dawson speak at this Nieman Marcus event. She spoke for about maybe 30 or 45mins but in that short time she had some deeply profound things to say. Rosario had one of the realist talks I’ve personally ever heard out of an entertainer. You know how you go to church right, and every once in a while you feel like the message was for you. I felt like just about everything she said was a message for me. Several times through out her talk I thought, I should be recording this but I was just too present in the moment to do that.

One of the realest things she was talking about was how she felt like a fraud because of how she fell into acting. She talked about feeling bad, like someone with more training from Juilliard or something should have retrieved roles she obtained. I thought that was a honest statement to say. Then I thought, why is it that I relate to that so much? Eventually it dawned on me that I was in a major position I didn’t think I deserved either. I always felt like I had the ability to do anything but being a rapper has always been my definite purpose since forever. Having the ability to somewhat engineer, produce and do other different facets of music were just hobbies.

So anyway, I ended up getting this position under this big time engineer. I never really thought about it often but there were a number of people I knew and close engineer friends of mine that would have killed to get a position just to be around someone like that.

But life isn’t black and white like that and sometimes things don’t always follow the natural order of how we think things are supposed to happen. Everybody is intertwined and connected for a greater reason. I don’t even believe the reason I was in that position had anything to do with the position itself. The reason I believe I was put there was deeper than doing some type of work task, I believe I was bringing a sense of balance to a complex atmosphere.

Now to get back to Rosario Dawson. I don’t believe that it was by chance that she was discovered on stoop. I believe she is multi faceted and being an actor was just the platform especially assigned to her to reach more people for the greater good as an activist. What’s she’s doing with her time in the light is impactful, bringing awareness to important issues that many would have never gotten to hear if she wasn’t discovered on the stoop that day. For whatever reason, I feel things had to happen this way while she was young and I believe she continues to walk in her purpose with every role she gets.

Check out all the great organizations Rosario is involved with in the link below

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