Spotify + Hot 107.9 + Fab 5 Mgmt + Rochelle “Hot 16”

Spotify + Hot 107.9 + Fab 5 Mgmt + Rochelle “Hot 16”

fullsizerender-11Tuma from Spotify x Barry from Fab 5 Management x Jason from Hot 107.9  was #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys with me as we all got together for breakfast over the weekend. 

Nobody knew this but this month I had to decide to kinda back off from people so I could figure out why my relationships were so distracting. I’ve always been this way so I started to seriously think, well I may be mentally ill. Over breakfast, they were talking about various artists and how they experience relationships in a very driving and intensifying way. I was like that’s my problem! So maybe what I’m experiencing is all a part of my artistry.

I began recounting all the artists I like and some that I’ve personally built relationships with and how intense our relationships are. I remember being on the phone with this one rapper one day for almost 6 hours and I remember thinking how we couldn’t do this again cause we are both grown and got stuff to do but it was dope. Now that I understand that what it is, I can better manage myself when I get like that. I didn’t expect I’d figure out something like this from these guys but I’m grateful and happy that I did.


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