SteeleSync Presents: Panel & Pitch Event

SteeleSync Presents Panel & Pitch Event


Mathew Steele, Kendall Minter, Karen Marie Mason, Lauren Marie Mikus, Bobby Drake

Before I start the conversation about the event I need to tell you something about myself. I don’t do contractual or oral agreements. The only time I every made a commitment about money was with someone I knew for 10 years. We were able to do that because we both understand wealth and 2 everybody who deals with me knows my soul is not wired to operate in a selfish manner.


I signed with SteeleSync to license my music, it was the first contract I ever signed and here’s why.


  • I seen him work before I ever introduced myself.

I seen how he pitched other clients, I liked how he carried himself, I liked his ear in his music selection and he had a cosign from music supervisors saying they always liked the music that he pitched.


  • He’s done he’s Research and builds relationships with music supervisors.

Going through my music supervisor hunt I noticed that Mathew already knew and actively keep up his relationships with a lot of them.


  • It was a fair deal

Most people fail because they get too greedy. If you’re a business owner ask yourself this, wouldn’t you want to do business and partner with people who did good deals?

It makes me feel really good that I can finally delegate tasks and not have to worry about who I’m dealing with. We both have each other’s best interest in mind working together like that is really an enjoyable experience. Now let me talk about the Panel & Pitch event.


The event he put together was great. He was going hard online and with physical promotions of this event. Which in turn made me even more motivated to share info about his event as well.

The event itself was highly professional from the venue he picked to the panel presentations and information he delivered, and even the song selections from artists he chose were really good so it made for an enjoyable experience for the audience as well. And the pace and timing of everything in the event was great.

It was a dope event and by the end, it made me proud and honored to have my brand affiliated with his.



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