The Curators of Hip-Hop

The Curators Of Hip-Hop Documentary


Rochelle “Hot 16” & Jermanine Fletcher (Director and Editor of Documentary)












Recently I attended the premiere of one of the best hip-hop documentary’s that I have seen in a long time. They did such a outstanding job with it! It inspired me and gassed up my motivation during my personal journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys. The documentary featured hip-hop artists coast to coast following Logic, (before he got signed to Def Jam), Dee-1, Prie,  Matt Reeves and Ahmad Lewis. I thought it was really dope, I could relate a lot to Logics situation and work ethic. Netflix def needs to pick up this documentary, it was soo good! I’ll even post the trailer of The Curators of Hip-Hop so you can check it out yourself!


Watch the Trailer Below


Click Here to see Rochelle “Hot 16” Spit Bars

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