The Debate


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 The Debate

Some people make me remember why I do music and Amy Winehouse was of them. Back to Black was one of those albums I got lost in for a summer. I knew me and Amy were a match musically back then. Amy Winehouse loved hip-hop and female rappers as much as I loved female singers and pop music. So when I sent her my record, she sent me back a smiley emoji, that made my entire year.

That type of match is unique and doesn’t happen very often. It’s good logic and it works out but my musical emotions are illogical and are driven by what makes good sonic sense and not logical sense.

I’m slowly starting to do work with this new singer. Now were are not the best match like me and Amy Winehouse could have been. I don’t think she’s into what I do as much as I’m in to what she does but sonically, what me and this new singer can create is incredible.

Soo this Logic vs. Passion has been very small debate going on in my head through out this 2016. I’m telling you this brief story just so you can get an idea of how I think but that just casual stuff, lets get to this real debate about what is currently going on.



The Real Debate

So I’m working on this big project and I have a few options to consider.

  • Option 1: makes a whole lot of sense. It’s like the me and Amy Winehouse fit. We believe and understand what each other does and want to be part of it.
  • Option 2: makes greater since but the only problem is they don’t believe in my vision but has the message I want to show the world.

Welcome to my classic Logic Vs. Passion dilemma. If you were me what option would you choose 1 or 2?



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One thought on “The Debate

  1. As we try to ‘worker’strate our lives, God is orchestrating our lives. The option to choose is always the one God is quietly whispering in your ear, mind, body and spirit! That choice is always the right one and only you know what he’s telling you to do! I know you will make the right one baby!

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