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I am a Janelle Monae fan. She is definitely my favorite singer. I’m always proud and happy for her with where she’s at now because I watched her career and supported her music from a distance. I remember I first discovered Janelle Monae back when I was in Indiana. During this particular era myspace was popular and I would go to these bloggers and stuff pages and probably beg them to listen to my music. Well there was this guy named Brian who worked at this popular blog site called Concrete Loop and on his myspace page is where I first discovered Janelle Monae. He had that Violet Stars Happy Hunting (Cyber-Hop mix) on his page. When I first heard it I thought wow this is a great record, by the 3rd time I visited his page I wanted to know who Janelle Monae was and I was buying her EP.

I really enjoy artist with different content. Its weird because to me it always seems like for the last 20 years that different artists have been writing the same songs and I’m bored with that. So artists that really captures my attentions are the ones that are writing about something different.

I used to be in Indiana watching all her live performances on youtube. She is such an incredible performer. I’m still amazed of how she is able to constantly dance around the whole stage the entire time and never seems out of breath and always on key. I remember the first time I had went to atlanta to visit my mentor and commented on her myspace page about how I was sad cause the one and only time I visit atlanta she wasn’t performing anywhere. She actually replied to my comment and I was all excited and stuff.


I remember when I first heard about her deal through Atlantic Records. I used to have conversations with people at Atlantic like yall working Janelle Monae! I used to tell them like yo you know you got to go super hard like 110% for her.  I used to be in the studio with big named producers talking like oh you about submit some music to Janelle Moane, you gotta give her your best stuff.


When I moved down atlanta my manager had got me tickets to see Janelle Monae at this semi private v103 event. I was soo happy and excited it was the first time I got to see her perform her songs live.  After the show I ended up finding my way up to the press area. I didn’t meet her that night because I just felt the timing wasn’t right but I randomly ended up talking to Roman who was a cool guy but I had no idea who he was at the time. I randomly unknowingly met a few other her artists like that as well but I’ll talk about that in another post.IMG_2650

Anyway last year the timing was finally right. It was A3c time and I wanted to check out chick named Azar who was performing at the art exchange because I was looking for new people independent artists to collab with. I was sitting on this random chair on the side of the room. I get up to watch a performance then as my feet began to hurt from standing I turn around to see if that chair I was sitting at available. But It wasn’t because when I turned around Janelle Monae was magically sitting there.

I went up her and said my name is Rochelle “Hot 16” and I’m on the road to 8 Grammys. Then I was like wait you should have some Grammys coming soon too! Then I was like all I want you to do is remember my name and my face. And she said Rochelle “Hot 16” on the road to eight Grammys. and I was like yup.


My personal story with Janelle Monae ends here for now. It will pick back up when I have a name for myself and we’re having conversations about getting in the studio. But I love seeing her vision for Wondaland and her team coming into fruition. That line to get into to see her and all her artists on Monday was literally an endless line. It was a complete square that wrapped around the Tabernacle.  Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, Roman Gianarthur and Janelle put on a great show!

I mean Janelle Monae gets it. Just the fact that she can get on stage and say this gains my highest respect.

After their last performance of the night it made me say. Ok Janelle Monae is a prolific artist and she is truly impacting our culture in a positive way. Keep supporting people who are doing good things and putting together great work. Nobody is excused from the value they add in keeping a movement moving. Their new EEphus EP in now available, I just brought it. You can get yours too here:



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