The Good, Bad and Ugly 2015 Grammy Awards

The Good, BadPPD_4129 and Ugly 2015 Grammy Awards

Good: I really enjoyed the Pharrell’s performance the best that night. You could tell he put a lot of thought into his performance and his passion for music really came out during it. He was making statements and that’s what I feel music is about, creating impactful moments. Overall I think the Grammys Awards show was pretty good.

Bad: I always wish they would give out a little more awards on tv. So incase you’re like myself and want to know who won for the rest of categories find out below.

Ugly: It was almost an ugly moment when Kanye was about to get up on stage when Beck won album of the year. (lol)

Next year will be my turn! #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

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Photography by Donna Permell

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