The Little Things Count

The Little Things Count

When you have a vision of who you are and where you are supposed to be, the journey to get there can be challenging at times. It’s like everyday waking up on a treadmill and the workout program is set to life. This treadmill setting is doused with different speeds and resistances the with in every mile. No matter how hard it gets or how tired we get, our goal should be not to get off the treadmill. With that being said those little cool down moments that randomly happen through the exercise are greatly cherished and don’t go unnoticed.

A few months ago I went out to LA, just to get a feel for it on my on accord and touch bases with some of my network out there. I ended up reaching out to a music supervisor just on some regular stuff because I wanted to connect with somebody who had a similar vibe as me. I never sent any music to them or anything, we would just converse about regular stuff.

I told them I was gonna be out in LA soon and asked them if we could link up while I was out there . They was like sure come by the office so I did. When I got there they invited me upstairs and while we were headed to their office they turned to me and said hey I bought your album it was dope! 


In regular situations, especially in these types of industry situations things are just expected to be given, so the fact that they not only took the time to find my music but to buy the project, immediately separated them from every single person….and I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know in the entertainment industry. I mean they went exceedingly above and beyond for me.  I thought how is it that this person I meet for the first time is doing more for then these other industry people that I do know?  Sometimes it’s just the little things that you do that can make you a standout person. I mean  George Carlin was one of this worlds greatest comedians and he would meet young journalist and people who would run open mics and reach back out them 6 months later just to see how their careers and things were going. We are fighting to win everyday and sometimes the little things you do for people make a world of difference.


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