The People’s Station!















This week was a good week for me. Smashed a few open mics, got some pretty big new opportunities and sold a few cds which is hard to do in ATL.

The best part of my week is when I was playing my music at V-103 for Greg Street. When my music was playing Big Tigger was randomly walking through the hallway, hears my music from the hall and comes in. He’s say’s  “Is that you?” I say “yea!” and I gave him a cd as well! Big Tigger Mr. BET Rap City in the Basement thinks my music is dope! 😀 That’s big!!!

I don’t know how my music career is going take flight, all I know is that is. As long as I keep taking action towards it God will handle the rest. For where I am weak the Lord is strong.  Here is a link to the music below.