The Queens of Hip Hop

The Queens of Hip-Hop


The Queens of Hip-Hop Concert is coming up. And I just wanted to take some time to talk about it. I’m grateful for these women, they were an inspiration to me as a rapper.

I always liked rap but one of the main problems I had with it was I rarely could I relate to the male point of view.
For example. Take Good Kid Mad City that Kendrick Lamar album. I thought it was a well put together album and I liked it but it was such a growing up as a male story that as a female I personally couldn’t really relate to it. There is an opportunity for more of our voices to be heard.
But are our true authentic voices getting heard? This is what I never understood. Generally speaking because this is a male-dominated industry so 9/10 my music has to pass through male execs and male A&Rs but in all seriousness how can a man possibly say what female rap should sound like if most women are music buyers and our primary audience is women? 
For this reason, I like to work in environments where there is at least more that one woman around because I can’t get an accurate perceptive if it’s not. But I’ve always been big on diversifying because I believe only when you have all the colors is when you can have a complete picture.
But I am filled with excitement about this Queens of Hip-Hop Tour presented by S.E.M.G. I know it’s definitely going to be a great show! It’s March 17th so if you live in Atlanta I highly advise you to Get Your Tickets Now Here.


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