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So I went on an Internet journey this weekend to discover who SZA is & to listen to her music with intent. Besides the record she has with Rihanna I never heard her music before. After I listed to her music I watched a couple interviews.


The first interview I watched of her was one when she was on the breakfast club 2 things stood out.

1.She said she liked animals because they stick to the script.

2. She talked about how she got signed.



I had a full circle moment after I seen this interview because brought me to this new ideology that’s been marinating in my head.

But let me talk about point 1 then I’ll come back to point 2 maybe…if I don’t start rambling off onto something else.

Facts: SZA originally never wanted to pursue music, randomly knew the owner of Top Dawg and that’s the basis off her being signed. Lol check my facts though: Hear the full story here

Charlemagnegoes on to say how that’s unfair how that just randomly happened to her like that.But I believe this is the purest form of achievement without your own strength and energy.


There was a beautiful divinity in her story.


There are 3 scripts we can choose to follow in life.


The 1st script has the film, 2nd is your true role in the film and 3rd script is society’s role for you.


Many people are in between the 2nd and 3rd script because they haven’t read the 1st script. But I want to talk about script 2 first, which is your true role.


The only time I feel whole is when I’m doing music. Sometimes I often think about calling Danja to do music together because our lifestyles are soo similar and it’s rare to find that. But I don’t, I know this is something I need to do this on my own for me & my people.

Doing MUSIC gives me peace, joy and balance, it’s the period to my sentence. I’m naturally good, I don’t have to try to be or fit into a mode to pretend I’m something that I’m not in it.


But just because it’s natural for me doesn’t mean I don’t study my craft because even Laila Ali studied boxing.


Then people hit you with the 3rd script and that’s the script they want you to do and they tell you what YOUR GOALS and YOUR LIFE should be like.

The reason I strive for excellence in my craft is not to be praised, it’s not to be considered as of the best rappers although ayyeee…. My reasons is to create the most heightened audible mind, body and soul experience.

IE Boundless

Every time I lose my peace, joy and fulfillment by moving out my role to the 3rd script by taking time off doing promotions and putting these schemes together for exposure like I haven’t already read script 1.


And because I read script 1 I know that this is something I don’t have to do anything outside of my role to end up where I’m supposed to be.

Now I don’t know enough about SZA to know how or why she knows this. But I do know she is a manifestation of this ideology. I never seen this so clear until I went this whole SZA journey.




By the way directly after I went on my SZA discovery she tweeted something about being in Atlanta…I was tempted but I really want my relationships with people to be more organic….


S/o to J.White, owner of the #1 diverse blog site in Atlanta He was definitely heavy in champion her exposure in the Atl market. He’s music opinion holds weight and I never would have even begun this discovery if he didn’t go so hard for her. So SZA is now another dope artist in my playlist.


Watch her new video Love Galore video below.

SZA Delivers A Tantalizing, Yet Deadly Video For “Love Galore” Feat. Travis Scott

Click here to hear my new Future Mask Off Remix

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