The Stories That Won’t Get Told (P2)

unnamedMy Band

When I was little before I knew I wanted to be rapper, I got this brilliant idea  that I should start a band. I mean after all the Hanson was group of kids  who successfully did music. So I got inspired to put together a band. So to start a band I thought I need to first get members.  I asked my childhood friend Larry, who lived down the street if he wanted to be in my band. He said yes so then it was on to the next step, instruments. I thought if we are going to start a band we need instruments and to get instruments we need money. I was natural born hustler. I mean I think even back then I had a pitch. Th next  day I go to Larry’s house with and empty zip lock bag and say I know how we are going to get money for our band! I had this idea to knock on all the people’s doors our neighborhood to see if they would make a donation to our band. This would have been my first successful GoFundMe if that existed back then.

Things were going awesomely until Larry’s Mom found out we were going door to door asking for money….She made us give all the money donated back. lol I never got to complete my band but maybe one day I will.













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