My Battle Rapping era


Before I ever had the pleasure of ever touching a stage, I was battle rapper in the streets, and when I say streets I mean school. I discovered I was a great rapper in the 5th grade so by 6th grade every chance I got I was rapping. On lunch time me and my home girl Jazmine, and occasionally my other friend Marcus (rip) would rap instead of eating during lunch time. I wouldn’t necessarily call thing lunch time experience battle raps. This was before I even really knew how to compose raps. We were just rapping, but as time went by I grew into a battle rapper.

I enjoyed taking down these guys with my lyrics. It made me feel good about life. I remember I was battling this one guy and the entire gym surrounded us as we were battling. The teacher came out like she didn’t know what going on and why everybody was surrounding us. She was like I don’t know what you guys are doing, but stop it.

The next time we battled again after school, I got him so good, he said that ’s he had a headache and quit.

Hurting people isn’t why I became a rapper. I feel like I’ve learned a significant amount of life lessons when I was young and I’m still waiting for people to catch up.

I’ll talk about one monumental moment during my battle rapping era, that changed my whole perspective of the Hip-Hop culture and probably effects how I operate today as an artist, in the part 2 of this blog next week. Stay Tuned.


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