Fall of Hip-Hop



When I was in high school every Friday we had a 20 minute student made   show called PNN that would come on in the all the classrooms after lunch. One day they developed a Freestyle Friday segment that I was a contest on. I killed it, bars for days. I was actually voted most likely to become famous in my class so people knew what it was, they knew my value. But the this particular contest foreshadowed how the game was changed.

After the segment aired and the results came in I lost to 50 tyson. Well not actually the real 50 tyson, but a rapper just like him. People thought it would be a funny joke if he won so they voted for him. This happened years before 50 Tyson came out, who knew this would be a the beginning of a cultural downfall.

People don’t care, they are always going to do what they want to do. It’s my  job to preserve the greatness in music. This is why when I have conversations with people I sell myself. Reasons being 1) Because I know my value and 2) because I know that you are going have to come back around and see me to purse your lips up to say yo your music is dope. So I don’t worry about that. The talent part was never an issue for me.

But now that I think about it losing like that did have some effects on me. It’s probably why till this day I don’t like doing contests and stuff like that.  That incident allows me to remember no matter win or lose it’s not about the music to many people. People are fickle relational creatures and that’s what they consume first. So consume our relationship then I’ll feed you greatness.


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