The Stories that Won’t Get Told (P5)






I decided to create a this blog series of stories that have truly shaped my artistry, that people would never know by watching or listening to my interviews. In this series I explore those significant moments that pushed me forward to understanding and fulfilling my dreams.

My Control Verse

As a rapper I think it’s my personal duty to say things that need to be said because people need to hear it. In high school we used to have this big talent show in the auditorium every year called the Review. So me and my one of my friends did a song together, we auditioned and got in. We had a song called “Make Bills”. It was good song but at the end of the song I switched up the beat and made a rap at the end. So during rehearsals I’m really not saying anything crazy cause you know it’s just rehearsal but show time was different story.

At the time I felt there was a lot of shady stuff going on between people and some of the people I was hanging out with. So I at addressed it in front of the whole school during that last part of the song. I can’t remember exactly how the verse went down but I did say I wasn’t gonna mention no names, then I stated the names and included the rest of the gang and the whole auditorium went nuts!!! I couldn’t even hear myself rap the rest of the verse. It was so crazy. That day I learned when you name drop and add what people may take as controversy to a situation, it takes your music up a whole different level. The same way that Kendrick’s Control verse took off to the next level. To be honest I alway thought that Kendrick’s verse wasn’t even a dis it was more so a classy way of saying how he felt.

But anyway we ended up getting in trouble for that performance. Mrs. Seaver the director of the theater department during that time was mad at us. The best part about it was that she made us watch the video back and I could see how crazy the crowd went. It was awesome! (Can somebody find and retrieve that video for me when I do my Behind the Music segment in the future? That’s gonna be dope to see)

The next day my home girl had came dressed in sweats and tims cause she thought that we were gonna have to fight the girls I mention on stage the next day. I really didn’t think nothing of it, didn’t think it was a dis in a way they would want to fight. I just spoke my truth about how I felt about the situation.

The next night when we performed the song again they had our mics super low and cut it the music off before the beat switched up. I thought it was funny.

Honestly I’m not into controversy but I am into truth and sometimes truth creates controversy. But I will say that performance was def one of those impactful moments.


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