I decided to create a this blog series of stories that have truly shaped my artistry, that people would never know by watching or listening to my interviews. In this series I explore those significant moments that pushed me forward to understanding and fulfilling my dreams.

Morning Announcements

I think out of this entire series this has to be one of my favorite stories. This situation put everything in perspective early on.

In high school I came out with my first little EP. I was soo excited that my music was finally done all with original beats that my producer Jesse Black of Fakulty Studios had made.  I went to the Sam’s Club and brought 100 pack of blank CD’s and 100 pack of the different color jewel cases. Pressed them up and brought them to school the next day to sell. I got to school and began trying to hustle my CD to everybody before our homeroom started. Nobody was buying. I mean NOBODY. I was so sad I mean really sad.

(I can’t help but feel that this story is so forthcoming on how I’m going to get my break in the future but I digress)

Every day the morning announcements would come on the tv in all the classrooms. At the time a lot  of my friends were producing and hosting the morning announcements.  Now I usually don’t mention names in my blog but I just want this to be publicly known. No matter how rich and famous I get Melody Gomez is good forever in my book. I owe her one.  Before it was time to go to class that morning I asked if she could play one my records. After the morning announcements went off everybody was coming up to wanting to buy my CD. It was such a pivotal moment. Sometime’s it takes that helping hand from that one person to get the ball rolling. Till this day I’m still grateful. I think it’s the small wins that really drive the big ones. This reminds me that my music stand’s on it’s own two feet and this new EP I’m currently working on going to my most dynamic piece of work till date. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Until then if you don’t have my latest project Enough…..Here’s a great opportunity.

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