The Stories That Won’t Get Told (P1)

The Stories That Won’t Get Told (Part 1)


I decided to create a new blog series of stories that have truly shaped my artistry, that people would never know by watching or listening to my interviews. In this series those I explore those significant moments pushed me forward to understanding and fulfilling my dreams.

I was born to be an entertainer. It was always in me since I was super young. In fact my brother reminded me this a couple months ago. You know what, this is reflective of my life more than I really realize now that I’m writing this. This took place years before I knew I wanted to be a rapper. My brother and I were talking one day and he was like remember when we used to play toys and you would have those Mikey Techno Jam Parties, they were awesome.

You have to understand something…what my brother just reminisced about was an imaginary party that I created with our toys. My brother used to have all the ninja turtles but one of my favorite toys to play with as a kid was Rappin Mikey turtle. I used to throw these dope rave parties on the fireplace with our toys and used to make them all dance and stuff.  I used to call the imaginary event Mikey’s Techno Jam.  When my brother first said something about the Mikey’s Techno Jam thing, years and years, and years and years later I thought like why do you even remember that, but then I realized how impactful my ability to create must be fore him to remember that as if was almost like an event that really happened. Then when I was writing this I realized that maybe this toy was telling of my future as a rapper.

Back then I didn’t know I wanted to rap. I was just a creator. I mean my Mom was too and she was good at it. She created this puppet house in the picture above for me when I was little. She did all this out of a big screen tv box.




I put on a puppet show that Christmas and started hustling people out of their money to come watch the show….I was born to be an entertainer.

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  1. Hey Rochelle I love being able to watch YOUR journey unfold via my facebook page. Kudos to you for following your dreams and planting seeds of faith and productivity!

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