The Truth Facts

 The Truth Facts


I’ve always been a big supporter of the Truth campaigns. I think they’ve done an excellent job in marketing and advertising messages about the terrible effects of using tobacco products. I believe they have some of the most compelling commercials in the history of television to be quite honest.

Truth has not only put the facts out there about how detrimental tobacco is but they have also made not smoking cool at the same time. They have a real dope brand. With that being said I just wanted to bring some of these Truth Facts to your attention and do my part informing you about things you may have not known about.

I’ve never been a smoker, although I tried it once a when I was little. Once I knew I wanted to be rapper I never participated in anything that was going to affect the health of my lungs or vocals that would hinder the ability for me to perform to my fullest.

It’s important to make this decision ahead of time of what you will and will not do. One of the most tempting situations I’ve ever been in, started off with me chilling in VIP with one of my favorite singers. We were having a great time and she was doing the Hookah thing and asked if I wanted to have a go at it. I was like nah, I’m good. I know hookah is like the cool thing to do right now but I bet if she knew Truth fact #230 that “In an average one-hour hookah session, you inhale 100 to 200 times as much smoke as from a single cigarette” she probably wouldn’t be doing that hookah stuff.












Man addictions are the worst problems to have and I have an addictive personality so I can’t even play with that mess. Truth Fact #130 says that “Nearly 70% of smokers say they want to quit, but only 6% are able to each year.”  So if you don’t smoke keep it that way. There’s no need to start new unnecessary issues in your life.

Another trend I’ve been seeing amongst my peers in entertainment is everybody jumping on those electronic cigarettes. Truth Fact #263 “E-cigarettes are smoke -free and tobacco-free, but not all are nicotine-free–even though some claim to be.” There were so many more alarming facts I learned from visiting the Truth site. For my particular blog here I just wanted to bring attention to a few relevant ones you guys might not know about.

Learn and take control over your life.


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