The willingness to keep going…

The willingness to keep going…

Sometimes I think about you.

Sometimes I think about what you’re thinking about

when you receive these emails from me.

I think about when is it going to end. I think about when

you can finally share in these emails and join me in celebrating in my success.

Sometimes I think about hitting people I knoooow

I’m not supposed to working with out of desperation just because they are already on.

Sometimes I wanna ask for help but I don’t know who to ask or what even to ask for.

Sometimes I wonder If I’m using my time properly. This has been such a long journey.

When I first experienced this indwelling vision as my calling as a rapper

I never thought it would be taking this long.

I feel like I am at the peak of chaos.

The music industry is crazy right now and the sense of society right now just seems so bleak.

But I have something to contribute to music and the music industry.

I think during these moments deliberately pursuing what you

know to do accelerate present moments to future dreams.

So that’s what I will continue to do. 


Watch Who you are around…

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