Tribute to One of my Favorite Supporters :)

Tribute to One of my Favorite Supporters


It’s crazy how you can see someone every year during the same time for the past 5 years until one year they don’t show up. We were at the bowling alley during LudaDayWeekend and I saw that Buff was on a shirt. I said why is he on that shirt…and that’s when I learn he had passed away. I was so sad I almost start crying right there in the bowling alley but I didn’t because I knew it would just make everybody else sad too.

Buff was a nice guy, fun and always super supportive. We were playing around in this picture. It was my first time I was going to be performing on a big stage & I was sooo excited!

I remember that he could not wait for me to send him this picture and he posted this to his instagram saying:

“Me and my fam Rochelle “Hot 16 “be on the look out you all she’s coming”

I’m humbled and honored by those who believe in my vision and support my music. I don’t take that for granted.

So Buff, I’m glad you got to share in the journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys with me. Your presence on earth will be missed.


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