Turned Off

Turned Off



Currently off all social media for the time being. I had to get back in tune with myself and the direction of my path. When you’re off social media you can think your own thoughts. You can pay attention to your senses and get a clear direction of where you are supposed to go.

I locked myself in a room and went back to the basics of identity as a rapper and rediscovering why it is a gift. I began to notice that these metaphors in my lyrics are nothing have to come up with they just automatically come to me.

I further understood why literary writers go off to a cabin in the woods or somewhere secluded to write their books. You have to tap into and then get lost in this supreme focus.

During this supreme focus, I wrote 5 new songs for TV & Film. I’m getting good. I am now starting to cultivate a unique understanding of functions of each element of my writing and making it better. I’m in a lot better head space than what is in when I wrote my next upcoming EP that I’m planning to drop next month.

I’ll be mixing this one myself because I don’t have the budget to get this one mixed. When you’re naturally gifted at music you can pretty much do anything musically but I much rather pay someone who is passionate about mixing to do this record but one day I will but for now, the world keeps turning.



I don’t Work as hard as you think see here…




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