Watch who you are around

Watch who you are around

Jesus + renewing my mind & accepting all that is in Jesus benefits

package aside from being saved keeps me.

I remember last year I had a mid-life crisis and thought

I wanna try pills just to see what it’s like….

If you have an addictive personality like me

you don’t need to be with no one who influences that behavior.

And I was around people who influence that behavior.

I remember around this time last year I flew into town & had went to visit on of my homegirls in Chicago.

And I will never forget. 

I mentioned to her  I was thinking about trying pills.

She shook her head and was like noooooo, no that’s not who you are.

And I was like you’re right.

And that was one of the realist moments

that somebody else had to remind me, who I was. 

When Mac Miller died it just reminded me you really have to watch the people around you because they can contribute your well being or demise.  

I never considered pills again. 


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