What it’s like to be in an Entourage

What it’s like to be in an Entourage

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Entourage had a pretty great run on HBO. I had went to one of their promo parties and seen the film last week when it premiered in theaters.  The movie felt like another season episode in the series. I think Entourage does a great job of displaying the up and downs in the entertainment industry. 

When I watch this franchise  I’m often reminded of my own experiences low key being  in an Entourage.  My problem with that was that I’m not a fan of living off other people’s success or money so I had to end it as soon as  I could find a way out. Even though I worked to be there, I just believed in working hard and having my own. I’m not in the best situation right now and I’m not in the worst situation right now. I’m in a graced situation. At times I feel I can barely keep my head above water, but I know in time the waves will subside.


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