What’s Your Credibility?

What’s Your Credibility?


Last weekend I headed out to Houston Texas to have a couple meetings and a photo shoot. Since I was headed out to Houston I thought I’d link up with booking manager Dollar Bill. He has stayed consistently in touch with me for years. We were supposed to meet up Saturday sometime in evening and as it got later in the day, my photographer asked me if I still having my meeting or was the dude flakey. I told him that Dollar Bill was just out of town putting in work and he’ll be back sometime today. When my photographer made that statement it made me think how 100% Dollar Bill was. Every time I’d hit him up, he would always respond and try to help with whatever I needed.

How do you rank your credibility? I will never be able to understand how people can not honor the words coming out of their own mouth. We hear plenty about those people in the industry who are always lying, scheming and not showing up. Before I moved out atlanta one of the main people I would contact to see who was credible was Wendy Day. She seemed to have been around everybody and have done her research to know who going to be official. One day I’m going to put together a list of people who are A1 in the industry but until then you at least know that Dollar Bill is one of them! 🙂   #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys


Dollar Bill at his studio bout to fire up the computer

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