Why CD Baby?

Why CD Baby?

FullSizeRender (22)I recently linked up with Phil Bauer, CD Baby’s Director of Digital Distribution. I had been with CD Baby ever since I started doing music. I mean I’ve been down with CD baby since the days were they were no Mp3s and you could only order the Physical CD offline. They have been and continue to evolve with all my distribution needs. During my hustling days, I used sell copies of my CDs outside the gas station and when my customer didn’t have cash on them I would say don’t worry, I take credit cards too. Then I would pull out the big card machine to make the sale curtsey of CD Baby :).

Even though the years when many different distributions  services began to rise, I have always remained loyal to CD Baby. They always stay on top of how fans consume music and provide distribution in that desired format. They are not afraid to change with the times and our always find new and better way to get artists music out there and collect on our behalf. My checks have been coming from CD baby for years. One of the most important reasons why I never switch over to any of these these other distribution companies is because CD Baby is a company that I trust. I look forward to doing more business with CD Baby and probably will be releasing my Grammy Award winning project through them as I continue #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys.

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