Why Change a name?

Why Change a Name?

I need to change my rap name. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now just slow taking action because I have so much real estate tied up in it.


“Hot 16” is a name people gave me because when people heard me on features that was their response. 


I’ve matured and experienced life in a way that I’m so much more than that as an artist.

I went through a few personal rap stages throughout my career from the “Look at me I can rap & I’m dope stage” to “Look at me I can me I can make popular records” to  “Whenever a tormenting spirit troubles you, you can press play on my music and you will soon be well again.” 


So before I change my rap name, of course, I have to chop it up with the people who have been following my journey to the Grammys. 


So I’m open to you guys opinion on my new rap name should be?


“Rochelle _______.


Leave suggestions in comments below.


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