Why Wakanda Forever…

I wasn’t gonna make this post but I after I see someone get drawn into fake industry money I guess I have to make it clear…
You know why I like the Black Panther so much…. They made one of the underlining themes in the film crystal clear, tech is prosperous. I think the black community needed to see that. 
They surpassed every nation because of their tech. They were a powerful nation because of their advances in tech. You wanna be powerful get into tech! We as African Americans are blessed with some of the most creative minds. If we can make chitlins out of the entrails of pig intestines, imagine what we can do now.

We miss the mark time and time again. We cannot expect to find real success doing the same thing everybody else is doing.  So basically what I’m saying is if you hear it in a rap song you already suuppper late. ie If you are still investing in bitcoin you’re late. If you’re in music for the money stop it…I’m mean just stop…I’m giving you, your get rich scheme right here. 

Less than 5% of Black people make up the tech industry in Silicon Valley and I’m sure they are looking for diversity hires so what are you waiting for!! 
Or get out there on your entrepreneur swag be like Jewel Burks who had a dope an idea and made it into an app and was on the Forbes list for 20 under 30. 
And just to get you started if you don’t where to start just listen to digital good times and it may help stir up some ideas.

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