WhyCauseICan Silent Disco

WhyCauseICan.com Silent Disco

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Attended blogsite WhyCauseICan Silent Disco party last night. I thought it was a dope event. There were two DJ’s doing their thing simultaneously while we had the individual option to flip between the two DJ’s in our headsets. It was fun!

Rarely do I get enjoy music that feels good  while I’m out. It’s usually the typical Atlanta sound that isn’t really musical enough for my taste, but DJ Knotts was killin it with all the Reggae records he was playing.

After the DJs were done a band name Eri Soul performed. I really enjoyed them.  They were def a refection of the WhyCauseICan site. I absolutely would like to see more unique events like this one being put on by the site! The music was really good!  They played the mixtape they created that included a lot of the artists and genres they feature on the site. Listen below, It’s def a good mix.




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