“You Have to Earn your Place in Greatness” – Shanti Das

“You have to you earn your place in greatness”

– Shanti Das “The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0”

Shanti Das and Rochelle "Hot 16"

Shanti Das and Rochelle “Hot 16”


I just recently purchased and read Shanti Das new book “The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0” which was a dope read! As a woman in Hip-Hop music I just wanted to do a few blog postings highlighting some of the points she made that really stuck out to me.

Everybody’s journey though the music industry is different but I find that there are great similarities in successful people.

Shanti Das wrote about her starting in the entertainment industry while she was grinding in college, I could relate to that a lot. I used to do a lot in college. I ended up attending Ball State University to try to be in their music technology program because my focus was to educate myself and do things that will increase my chances of becoming a successful artist.  But since I wasn’t technically efficient in an instrument I couldn’t get in, which turned out to be of my greatest blessing , that I didn’t realize yet. I thought the next best thing I could do was to get into this real rigorous entrepreneurship program.  I thought what I would learn with this program, I would be able to apply with my music. When I became a Junior in college we started getting real cool programs. David Letterman had bought this multi million dollar telecommunications building where I ended up as a DJ and Hip-Hop director at the college station WCRD. Of course I was there spinning all my own records at the stations and live events. I ended up minoring in telecommunications which was way better than doing music technology because in my audio classes we would record and mix music which is what I wanted to learn but we would also do voice overs and sound effects for film. That introduced me to something I through was really cool but still nothing compares to music.  In order to get my minor in Telecommunications I had to take video classes which I personally hated. I didn’t care for learning it, but it turned out to work in my benefit of course.

Then we had got this music industry class which I thought was the doppest thing ever. For me it was real life. I felt that I could not allow myself to get less then an A in that class and that’s exactly what I got. After that I got chosen out of maybe 75 people to be a part of this new elite music industry emersive program which till this day is still one of the hardest things I’ve experience since i’ve been working and interning in the industry for real.  Funny thing about this right here is that we had to pick an artist to push, I couldn’t pick myself so I said Tiara Thomas is who we should do. -_- look were she’s at now haha. My passion as a rapper drove me to do things that would increase my knowledge that would increase my in positioning myself in becoming a successful rapper. Successful people have make a way out of no way, they have an any means possible kind of drive which I hear in stories like Shanti’s. It insures me that I am headed in the right direction and that I will too make my passions a success story. #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

And it’s true you really have to earn your place in greatness. And I am still working towards it! Thank you again Shanti Das for that phone call while I was Indiana, giving me direction and advising me on my business plan! It was just the motivation and direction I needed.  Because of this plan all I need is a budget and my career is a go. 🙂

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Like I said my next couple blog postings will be about Shanti Das new book! It is a inspiring read so if you found anything in my blog interesting make sure you go pick up Shanti Das “The Hip-Hop Proffesional 2.0” You can find this book here. http://thehiphopprofessional.com/