You Never Know Who’s Watching

You Never Know Who’s Watching


Do good work and do good work always, you never know who’s watching. Recently a friend of mine shared this lecture with this screenwriter consultant. The consultant would teach about telling a story he would often use the movie Hitch as an example of great storytelling. One day someone from Will Smith’s team calls him and asks if he would be willing to help figure out an ending to the movie I am Legend  that Will was shooting at that the time.

He didn’t even know Will Smith knew who he was let alone why he wanted his help. So he finally gets on the phone with Will and has a fan moment before they go into business. The consultant tells Will that he loved the movie Hitch and often uses that film as an example in his classes he teaches. Will Smith tells him that Hitch was base off the consultants storytelling principles and throughout the development of the movie they kept asking themselves if this is how the consultant would write the story.

I thought man that is crazy, you never know who’s paying attention to your work. When I heard that story, a personal story was brought back up in my spirit. One day I was going to my management’s apartment and he was going through my instagram. He say’s hey let me ask you a question. How do you know this person and mentions to me a IG name. I’m like I dunno who that is, I think that’s a spam account. At the time this persons account would have all these like crazy and parody type pictures on it and no pictures of themselves. I wasn’t even following this person, I thought it was a fake account. Turns out at the person who is following and liking my pictures is the PRESIDENT OF ROC NATION!!  You know that Jay-z’s company that has Rihanna and J.cole on there. I felt honored and it motivated me to keep doing great work because honestly you never know who’s watching.


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