Your Appointed Time

Your Appointed TimeIMG_6425

Let me introduce to you my personal favorite upcoming MCs Nick Grant. He’s dope, got bars and all that. I’ll let his music be the confirmation of that, you can listen to that here.  I attended his album release party and he said something like it never happened from him until he prayed for it. I knew it was a God thing because HOW do you have T.I.s Managment + Ludacris management + Epic Records over your project. lol, that’s not natural to have that.

But as I keep supporting people I like and I’m waiting sometimes not so patiently for my time. I think about all the moves I made, the things I’ve done that were right on target but haven’t taken off yet.

In that moment The Lord spoke to me and said you know what Rochelle…Everybody has their appointed time, and no it’s not something you can outsmart or out hustle. Grace gets you what hustle can’t.


Listen to DJ Aone on the Co-Op Here


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